Submit Your Haiku

Feel like submitting your haiku on this little humble virtual haiku adobe of mine?

I do look forward to publishing your haiku!

It’s a win-win all-around, no two ways about it.

Yet I highly recommend you read the haiku submission considerations below, before jumping straight to the submission form.

Just several considerations to keep in mind, when submitting a haiku:

  • Haiku form: Five-seven-five (5-7-5) + THE TITLE OF YOUR HAIKU (try and keep it as concise as two words, three with “&”. It’s hard, I know)
  • You have NO naked body parts, lewd innuendos, profanitiespolitics, discrimination, brand names, modern culture references, gore, violence in your haiku submission.
  • “Not your usual nature haiku” is written there for a reason. Your haiku submission should not be heavily nature oriented. No reason to get your spirits down, exceptions can be made.
  • When your haiku submission is one sentence spread onto three lines:
    My new haiku looks
    like this because I feel it
    packs the punch better.

    Chances are your haiku will not be published on the blog, however beautiful your message might happen to be. Some authors might be upset (infuriated, even) by this limitation, but it’s something I am a stickler for.

    You have three lines. End each line logically, be it with a dot, exclamation mark, question mark, comma, colon, semi-colon, etc. Spreading one sentence onto three lines doesn’t make it any easier on the eyes, along with killing creativity in your haiku but good.

  • Since you are submitting your haiku, and not publishing them in the capacity of a contributor (you can apply to become one! [working on this link]), your haiku will be published through my – Ilya Horatio’s – account. HOWEVER, fear not, all due credit will be given in the signature space under your haiku :
    by [your_name + the-clickable-link]

Let’s do it!

Below you’ll find the haiku submission form.

Your haiku title (2 words, 3 words with “&”) + 5 7 5 

Be sure to write your name the way you would like it appear in the haiku signature.

The website / blog link you provide will be used as a hyperlink on your name, respectively.