Love Destroyed

Thick gray emptiness.

Happiness cannot shine through.

She tore my soul out.




6 thoughts on “Love Destroyed

    1. I knew that , posts we usually relate to, it is not necessary to be personal. But it is just flying thoughts in the mind came accidentally, and like to share it. Like what it has happened in the latest two poems which i did earlier. It is not personal though. But when i see many individuals suffer of such a certain things, i use it and relate to what see in others😉

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    2. that’s exactly right!
      throughout the day so many thoughts pass through my mind and while they are still there, I grab my phone and quickly scribble a haiku in order to capture whatever flow of thoughts I am experiencing at the moment.

      Hussein, I believe that’s what all great writers do. They observe people, events, nature and they put down what they feel about all this on paper.

      keep the poems coming.
      by the way, a little hint regarding tags and your poems.
      if your poem doesn’t rhyme, then be sure to include “free verse” tag, thus you will be able to get more people to read your poems.
      I am sure the readers of WordPress will enjoy them greatly ; – )

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    3. You got it, we are in the same boat. Let’s keep peddling. llya😉👍. By the way, thank you a lot about the little hint, which you passed it here, meaningfully written and thus it must be taken into consideration by me. Yeah, you right i was not aware of this point, that i have to refer to free verse poems. As long as i don’t know that much about the rules of composing a rhythm with the right rhyme. Thank you for mentioning this purposeful note. Wish you the best😊


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