History Loop

History repeats.

We do learn nothing, of course.

Love consequences!




5 thoughts on “History Loop

    1. Wow!
      That was really good! Packed the punch just so 🙂
      here’s what I have been meaning to ask you, Tricia, just didn’t get around to doing that yesterday.
      It’s the second haiku you wrote in the comments section on my blog. Let me tell you, you haiku are good. I like them 🙂

      I really would like to publish this very haiku I am commenting under, it’s that good.
      I can do it either by publishing it myself and giving credit to you and your blog or I can make you a contributor to this blog and you can pre-publish as many haiku as you desire. Once reviewed by me, your pieces will appear on the blog under your name.

      It seems to me you quite enjoy the process of composing haiku.

      Doesn’t mean that you HAVE TO like write 5 haiku a day. No. Just whenever and how many you feel like it 🙂

      Please let me know what you think.
      Couldn’t find a contact form on your blog, hence the lengthy comment here :-0


    2. I guess I’ll have to see about getting one of those forms then, huh? 🙈So sorry for the late response. Uh, hell yeah I would love to Haiku with you! See that, I’m good at rhyming too. Haha! Let me digest this and get back to you as to which way I would prefer to do it, that is if the offer still stands? Again, so sorry I’m just now responding. My latest posts explain my absence. By the way, I do have some poetry(not sure what type, I just write it) on my blog as well if you’re interested. It’s under the category/page “Other Written Work” in the menu header . You can contact me via email: hvnnerth@gmail.com to continue this discussion.


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