Monday Morning 

Toothpaste in my eye,

With no pants on, went to work.

Good start of the day.




2 thoughts on “Monday Morning 

  1. I laughed out loud. Good one! English language haiku when English is not your first language…kudos. Have you read Jack Kerouac? He wrote haiku in English, but French Canadian was his first language.

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  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment!
    I am flattered and blushed!

    You have no idea how much comments like yours mean to me. It tells me that I am doing something worthwhile with both your – readers’ – and my time, mastering English along the way. And it’s fun!

    Never heard of Jack Kerouac before, but now that you mentioned him, I did my little research on the writer. Turns out that yes, he didn’t master English until he was 16. More than that, Jack Kerouac introduced something called “American haiku”. I read a dozen of them and, truth be told, I enjoyed them. Fascinating writing!


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